At Analytical Technologies Limited we possess a well established toxicology unit, invested with modern equipment used in conducting testing services requested by our customers.

The unit specializes in but isn't limited to testing mainly treated industrial wastewater effluents. Analyses performed are mainly that of an acute bioassay. These are short-term tests with duration of 96 hours and are carried out using freshwater or marine organisms, namely Metamycidopsis insularis (mysids).

The aim of the test is to determine if the organism is able to survive in the effluent as well as determine the (LC50) concentration that is lethal to 50% of the organisms.

The results of such analyses translate to the customer the impact of the release of such effluents on the natural waterway systems, its effect on the natural biological, chemical and biochemical pathways or the relevant pretreatment necessary for such effluents before its release into the system.

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