Process Testing

Analytical Technologies' relationship with its customers in the area of process testing is that of a synergistic one.

The experienced and well trained professional and technical staff of our company utilizes a vast array of equipment, instrumentation and methods, ranging from basic chemical analyses to more complex and modern instrumentation in order to generate the results required by our clientele.

If your process is in the petrochemical, chemical, steel or food industry then Analytical Technologies can work with you to achieve a cost effective, efficient and competitive process that would reflect in long-term profits for the company.

Some such analyses would entail processed natural gas, raw natural gas, flue gas, gangue analyses in DRI and a wide range of processed wastewater effluents.

All methodologies installed at ATL are ASTM and EPA methods so as to ensure a high quality assured, quality controlled program that reflects nothing short of quality results to our customers.

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